Salvation has a name !

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Jesus Loves you and He died for you and me !

He or she that may be reading this now !

   Have you asked yourself lately or at all . Is there a God ? If he is real will I go to Heaven or Hell ? Am I saved ?

 These are questions that many people today ask themselves without knowing the answer to them ! SALVATION HAS A NAME ! And it is Jesus Christ Lord of Lord and our one true Saviour ! He came to us from his Throne and Glory to be one of us, to live the life we call impossible, to live dedicated to the Lord, to show us that nothing and i mean nothing is in impossible in his name ! 


Do you feel that it is impossible to be forgiven by God ?...

  • When we confess our sin to The Lord we are letting him know with reverance that he is real and that his forgiveness and his sacrifice for us on the cross is real ! That only with his blood we may be washed from our sins and seperated from the world.  
  •  God will cleanse you with his blood and you make you a new being so long as you come to him with an open sincere heart asking him for a change and knowing that without him we are nothing.

   I tell you now ! God is real and he will forgive you, and you can become his son/daughter just as long as you confess his as your ONE and ONLY saviour ! If you have heard about church or have attented church at once and today after reading this you feel and say to yourself YES !  I do BELIEVE  and YES ! I NEED HELP ! Then I now invite you to right there where you are in front of your computer repeat this Prayer of Faith out Loud.

 " Lord I come before you today with an open heart, recognizing that everything I have read and feel in my heart about you is real ! Today I ask you please forgive all my sins and cleanse with your Blood. Wash away my sins and falts. Write my name in the book of life, and let today be the beginning of the new me ! I believe in you and I need you Lord, without you I am nothing! You are my guide, you are my King, but most of all you are my friend ! I ask this in your name that from today on I can be different and that everywhere I go I can be proud that I am your son/daughter ! In the name of Jesus ! AMEN !

  You should feel very proud of yourself right now ! God is more than happy with you and will always be with you forever believe in the words you read and let this be the beginning of a new life for you  !